Princess for a day courtesy of Chasing Fireflies

If I could, I would outfit my daughter in all things Chasing Fireflies. They have such fantastic clothes that are such great quality.

We know the quality is great because we have had the opportunity to check out not only their Halloween costumes but also their holiday clothing.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ECSTATIC when we were asked to review their Halloween costumes again.

In true form my daughter and I spent some serious time looking through the Wishcraft catalog trying to pick out the best costume for this year. I really wanted her to choose the Heavenly Angel costume, but of course the girl chose the gorgeous Sweet Fairy Princess (retails $78).
chasing fireflies sweet fairy princess

I swear I tear up at this picture every time I look at it. This little girl is a shining light in my life and in this picture I see a glimpse of her as a lovely young woman. *sigh*
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Fabulous clothes from FabKids!

Growing up I was a bit of a Tom-Boy.

Much to my mother’s dismay, I frowned upon wearing dresses and having my hair done.

My daughter on the other hand. Complete girly girl.

This is why, when I was given the opportunity to try out FabKids, I knew it was perfect for her.

FabKids is a really neat site for girls clothing. After you fill out your daughter’s style profile, you receive recommended outfits based on her likes and personality. Each month a new outfits will be available, (include 3 pieces: top, bottom, and hair accessory,) and you can choose to purchase them for $39.95 or skip that month all together. There is never any obligation to purchase and you get free shipping and returns!

The style profile is really easy to fill out and a lot of fun.
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Easter with Chasing Fireflies

I’ll admit it.

Sometimes, I look at my little girl and imagine that she is a life sized doll. One that I can put pretty dressed on and pretend that she is going to a tea party.

chasing firefliesThankfully, she loves playing that too which is why we always “ooooh and aaahhh” over the Chasing Fireflies catalog.

Now, I’ve written about Chasing Fireflies before during Halloween time. That post was all about the awesome quality costumes they have available. This time, I was given the opportunity to try out some of their other items. Since Easter is quickly approaching that is what we focused on.

Chasing Fireflies has great items for Easter. They have gift baskets, decorations, and yes, even clothing!

Remember how I was talking about loving to dress my little girl up? Well, Chasing Fireflies has the most adorable dresses. The girl and I spent over 30 minutes looking at all the sweet Easter dresses before we picked out the Frothy Tulle Dress which retails for $58. I’ll admit having a gift certificate to cover some of the cost helped in my decision but after seeing the look on my daughter face when she saw it I would have bought it even without it.
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