Holiday Gift Guide 2011- KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime Set

holiday gift guideMy son enjoys playing with building blocks of all kinds. The KRE-O Tranformers sets fit into this category nicely.

Before I gave him one, I wanted to test it out for myself and see how easy it was to put together.

Inside each set is enough blocks to build not just the robot but also the vehicle that tranformers start out as. Also included is the directions booklet that shows you exactly which piece to put where.

kre-o transformers optimus primeSo, I started out with a pile of bricks and got to work.

The directions were very simple to follow. I will say that the blocks were a bit stiff to put together. I really had to snap some of them into place and even then they didn’t fit completely together. I had to push down on them to get them completely snug.
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Holiday Gift Guide 2011- My Little Pony Twinkling Balloon Playset

holiday gift guideMy Little Pony is one of those toys that I remember from my childhood and couldn’t wait to share with my little girl.

My daughter has gotten a few ponies for gifts the last couple of years, but she didn’t really fall in love with them until she watched the cartoon on Hub. Since then she loves all things My Little Pony. So much so that I am forever amazed that she can tell me the name of every pony that pops up in a cartoon or when we are at the store. Did I mention she is 4!

my little pony twilight sparkle balloonAnyway, when I saw the My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle’s Twinkling Balloon play set from Hasbro I knew it would be perfect for her. Not only does it come with Twilight Sparkle Pony, but it also includes Spike the Dragon, which happen to be her 2 favorite characters.

When you push the star button, located just above the yellow canopy, the balloon lights up and changes colors while it plays music.
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Holiday Gift Guide 2011 – HEXBUG®

holiday gift guideThis past August during BlogHer, I was introduced to a toy that both intrigued me and freaked me out a little bit.

If you haven’t seen them yet, HEXBUG®’s are these little micro robotic creatures that look like, well, bugs. But like bugs from the future. 🙂

The first time I watched them going around a table, I was told to pick one up and check it out. I could not bring myself to grab the thing. I knew it wasn’t a real bug, but that didn’t stop me from hesitating grabbing one of them.

Once I finally overcame the hesitation, I realized what makes them go. They have 8 soft rubber legs, the body vibrates which allows them to move around. It’s really ingenious actually. I knew my son would absolutely love them.
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