Tips to be a Color Runner with your Kids!

See end of post for complete disclosure.

See end of post for complete disclosure.

I absolutely love that more and more people are taking up running and that because of this increase there are awesome 5K races popping up all over the place!

Last year a group of girlfriends and I decided to hit up The Color Run. Not being a timed event, it sounded like just the fun time we needed and it would motivate us to get active.

The race DID NOT disappoint!

It was such a great party atmosphere. Everyone was friendly to each other and it was just awesome to see people of all ages out there running.

My favorite part by far was when we saw a group running together and we couldn’t figure out what their shirts meant. When we finally asked, we learned that it was the birthday of one of them, so we did what any other people would do… We sang her happy birthday while running! The cool thing, everyone around us joined it. It was fabulous and totally made it “The Happiest 5K on the Planet.”

The color Run discount
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Week 2 Reflection (Take Shape For Life)

Take Shape For LifeSo, I’m 2.5 weeks into my Take Shape for Life Journey.

If you aren’t familiar with TSFL, it’s a program that uses Medifast, but also incorporates the help and support of a Health Coach. Something you don’t get if you are just doing Medifast alone.

Some key things to point out.

  • Yes, it is expensive.
  • Some of the food is not very tasty
  • It’s VERY hard in the beginning
  • It’s life changing

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When Camel Toe Happens to Good People

So, after a bloody long bit of a hiatus at the gym, I’m headed back this week.

As I’ve vented a bit in the Mamavation FB Group I have put on a little weight since my last campaign. I, by no means, am happy with this and it’s what’s really driving me back to the gym.

Since it’s been a while and my body has changed a bit I thought I would go through and try on a few pieces of my workout gear just to make sure they were comfortable. Nothing worse than being uncomfortable while working out, am I right?

So, I put on one of my favorite pair of Nike running pants, they are my favorite because they have a drawstring which prevents them from riding down while I’m running along. They still felt pretty good, a little snug around the waist but not uncomfortable.

Then I looked in the mirror. HOLY CAMEL-TOE BATMAN!

Not quite the look I want to be sporting when I walk into my all women gym.
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