The majority of my reviews are based on companies sending me their product and asking for my HONEST opinion. Again, these are just my opinions. Although, I hope my readers value it, I also expect them to make the decision for themselves whether the product would work for them.

I, or my children, keep these products for our enjoyment after the review is written. In exchange for doing a review I offer 1 month of free advertising on my blog. I will always post a disclaimer on posts when products or services were received free of cost.


Many of the companies that ask me to do reviews also offer to sponsor giveaways. In addition to my honest opinion of their product, I also grant these sponsors 3 months of free advertising on this blog.

Please visit the OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY RULES page for further information.


I do accept paid advertisement. Please click the “Advertise” tab at the top of the page for sizes and prices.

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