10 Reasons why I’ll be camping again next year

This year for the 4th we went camping for the second time with the kiddo’s.

Last year wasn’t quite what I hoped it would be, mainly because I am old and this chubby body just isn’t made for sleeping on the ground. Thankfully, I have some wonderful friends who could see my pain and offered to let us use their tent trailer this time around. Boy what a difference 4 feet makes! Four feet off the ground that is.

Anyway, it was this trip that made me realize why I will continue to take my kids camping even though it is not my cup of tea.

So with out further adieu I give you the “Top 10 Reasons I’ll Go Camping Again Even Though I Hate Dislike It :)”

10. Trudging through the forest looking for a creek to play in only to find that said creek is 2 inches deep and down an embankment.

off to the wilderness

The little one bringing up the rear is mine 🙂

9. Having great stories to tell around the campfire. Like how I had to get up in the middle of the night to pee and on the way back scared myself so bad that I ended up running all the way from the bathroom back to the trailer. (I watch too much Ghost Adventures I think.)

8. Because nothing beats having a wide open area for the kids to play and ride bikes around. And nothing beats watching covertly as your son struggles and then conquers how to start on his 2-wheel bike by himself.

7. Relaxing in a lawn chair with a drink in hand just talking to the hubs.

6. Being 100% ‘unplugged’. (Seriously, you have to drive 6 miles to get a cell signal.)

5. Every little boy should have an adventure with his dog. (The boy in the blue shirt is my son and yes that’s our dog right there next to him.)

dogs and camping

That's a happy dog and boy!

4. There’s always books on my ‘To Read’ list.

3. Because little boys deserve to learn how to shoot a bb-gun. (Under very close supervision I should add.)

shooting bb-guns

He's eyeing the competition

2. Little girls deserve it too. 🙂

girl bb-gun

She was serious!


And drumroll please…………………..

The number 1 reason ‘I’ll Go Camping Again Even Though I Hate Dislike It’ is..

1. Because even though I have to drive 8 miles each day to take a shower, you can’t beat the smile on my kids’ faces as they fall into their sleeping bags completely and utterly dirty, not to mention exhausted.

Even if it’s to the backyard, take your kids camping. The memories they will create and the love you will share will last a lifetime.


  1. I love it! We camp in an old VW camper van, and I’m just aching to get out there. My summer schedule is kind of full, so it’s hard to make time. Dayl (one of my co-authors at Mostly Mommyhood) recently wrote about her cool trailer here: http://mostlymommyhood.com/2011/05/03/153/
    Having the right equipment really does make a huge difference!

  2. RobMonroe says:

    We are going to an organized summer camp with our daughter this weekend! My wife and I met at a summer camp when we were staff members and we’ve been itching to take Abby since the day she was born! (Okay, the day after…) We will be in cabins, but I’m looking forward to the dirt under my nails! 🙂

  3. We love going camping even if it is just for one night. Glad you had great family time!

  4. I love this! We used to love camping as kids and I can’t wait to take my own! We haven’t braved it yet since they are still in diapers, but one day! Good for you going anyway, even though it’s not your thing. Good mama 🙂

  5. I was never a camper until I met hubs 12 years ago. I still dont LOVE it, but I like it enough. And, like you, I totally see the benefits of it for our kiddos. So glad you guys had fun!

  6. Camping is something our family loves to do, but never gets around to doing nearly often enough. Love the pictures, and your list definitely reminds me of why camping is so wonderful!

  7. This put a big ol’ smile on my face. YES to BB guns and getting dirty and sleeping under the stars! Awesome.

  8. Lolli @ Better in Bulk says:

    I am so excited (other than the unplugged part…) – we are going camping on Monday. I am hoping that all the kids will love it. I’m a little worried about the teenager’s reaction. 🙂

  9. I love this! We’re taking our little one camping for the first time in a couple weeks, and I’m so excited about it. I have such fond memories of camping as a kid. I’m sure it will be a lot more work now that I have to plan, pack, cook…but I’m still looking forward to it.

  10. It was great reading this. I wish I could find a camping place that let dogs come in. We would have so much fun!!!! You have convinced me to go!!! P.s. I need a friend with a camper

  11. Stacie shaver says:

    so glad you all had a great time. if you decide to go again this year, let us know.. happy to allow you to use the trailer again… 🙂


  12. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Our family really enjoys camping, and a great way to bond with the grandkids!
    Family Reunion Camping in Vermont: Brattleboro North KOA

  13. For me, it’s all about the memories. Mind you, I like cxamping… I don’t REALLY like camping in the soggy rainy west coast weather. Even still, for Abigail it is SO important that she have these amazing memories. I’m glad to be able to provide them.

  14. I am like you, I would prefer to sleep up off the ground, both because of my bad back and because I got a bug in my ear one year sleeping on the ground.

    Camping is great for kids and adults. It gives a time to de stress and get away from regular life, while building appreciation for nature and wildlife.
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..Suisse Sport Wyoming 3 Room Family Dome Tent 18 x 10


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